We are an NGO with iits core objective to educate the world on health matters with emphasis on acceptance, treatment and prevention,and supporting research institutions in cure developments.

Heduca, is an NGO and a Community Benefit Organisation with its headquatereds in Ghana and a branch in the United Kingdom.

Organisational Structure

Heduca has a Secretariat headed by an Executive Trustee as a Chief Project Director is responsible to oversee the execution of our policy and programmes and for the management and implementation of projects.

The organisation has the following multi-faceted organisational human resource and organisational architecture that can continually contribute visionary, strategic, management, operations and experiential learning support services.

  •  A Board of Trustees
  •  Advisors & Resource Professionals
  •  Program Executive Committees and Mentors
  •  COM Team
  •  Volunteer-Intern Teams

The operations and management is administered by team participation of the Directors, Coordinators and the members of the Project Executive Committees, volunteer-professionals and trainees / interns from within Ghana and abroad.