Every human being is capable, confident and a responsible global citizen.

Heduca envisions a world where all people have the opportunity and capacity to direct social, environmental, and economic resources toward sustainable healthcare that improve lives and communities.


Our  mission is to

  • Develop and administer effective programs that have at their core the goals of spreading knowledge and awareness, imparting skills, creating opportunities and capacity building amongst individuals, families and community groups leading to sustainable healthcare development.;
  • To develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance pathways for private-public health, economic empowerment,  intellectual freedom, and ecological consciousness amongst individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized healthcare needs.


Our goals are;

  • To be the leading NGO, known for its commitment  and credibility for developing innovating programs that helps build local capacity and inspiring leadership, resilient civic institutions, and innovative projects for community education, engagement and sustainable development towards a healthy community.
  • To support and complement the policies and initiatives of local, regional, and national governments NGO/SCR initiatives aimed at private-public health, economic empowerment, education and life skills.
  • To design, develop and implement systems and processes for sustainable development at grassroot level supporting the inter-governmental – international initiatives on sustainable healthcare development.
  • To create opportunities for interested aspiring young leaders and women to develop global perspectives, explore their own potential, develop leadership skills, and contribute to community healthcare based sustainable development initiatives.
  • To develop leadership potential amoungst youth and women through experiential learning through professional internships and projects-based health entrepreneurship and volunteer action
  • To support health institution in provision and facilitation of sustainable infrastructure for the on-time/ready healthcare administration.